​Thyme roasted heirloom carrot and parsnip salad with Persian fetta and sherry dressing

Posted by Fine Spun Catering on 20th Jul 2015

Take your baby heirloom carrots, greens, fetta cheese and douse with sherry dressing. The result is a colorful and healthy salad that will easily be high on your family's favourite list. Try this quick and easy recipe and enjoy!

Makes: 6 servings

3 Bunches Baby Heirloom carrots(purple, yellow and orange are best)2 Parsnips

100g Baby roquette lettuce

100g Persian fetta marinated

¼ Bunch fresh thyme

2 Garlic cloves

40ml Olive Oil

30ml Sherry Vinegar(Red wine vinegar can be substituted)

Sea salt and pepper

Finely chop garlic and mix with thyme leaves and olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.Peel baby carrots, cut lengthways in half and pour over half of the garlic and thyme mix.Peel parsnips and cut into 6cm long batons. (Remember to cut out the very hard core of the parsnip) Mix with the remaining garlic and thyme mix.

Roast carrot and parsnip separately on metal trays in a very hot oven, 200 degrees till golden brown and tender. Once your vegetables come out of the oven drizzle with sherry vinegar and let the vegetables soak it up. Let cool to room temperature.

Wash lettuce and place in a bowl, add your roasted vegetables, marinated fetta and drizzle with sherry vinegar and little olive oil. Season lightly with Sea salt and pepper. Gently toss your salad with your hands and you are now ready to serve.

Chef's Note: If you are not eating the salad straight away, don’t add the cheese or vinegar to the salad until you are ready to serve.This salad can become a main course dish by adding a piece of grilled crispy skin snapper.Everyday orange carrots can be used as a substitute as heirloom carrots can be expensive. Remember to serve this salad from room temperature to achieve the best flavours.Vegetables can be tossed through hot to achieve a warm delicious salad.

Reprinted with permission of Fine Spun Catering for Hanging Rock Picnics

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